Amarillo girl falls to her death in grain elevator

Update Wednesday 2:45p Preliminary autopsy results indicate Kelsey Tororeo died from the injuries she sustained during the fall, police said.

The accident is believed to have been accidental in nature, according to police.

As for the property of the grain elevator, the owner says he is working to make his property secure again so it cannot be accessed.

A 20-year-old Amarillo girl lost her life early Monday morning after police say she fell into a grain elevator.

According to police, an individual reported he heard a woman scream and the sound of someone falling and landing while he was walking in the area of the Garvey Grain Elevator in the 2400 block of NE 3rd Street.

The individual who called claimed he knew nothing and was taken in for further investigation. After being questioned further, the individual admitted he was with the female and they had entered the set of buildings at Garvey Grain Elevators illegally. He said the two had climbed to the top and crossed over a cat walk.

While walking in the area, the female fell through a hole approximately 24 inches by 30 inches, police said. She fell approximately 80 feet.

The female, identified as Kelsey Tortoreo, 20 of Amarillo, was seen from the elevated area but she could not be reached. Amarillo Fire Department removed a metal plate from the outside wall and was able to make entry. Tortoreo was determined dead.

Eight members of the Amarillo Fire Department were able to remove Tortoreo. An autopsy has been ordered and police say the injuries on her body are consistent with a fall.

Police say they have received calls of teenagers and young adults entering Garvey Elevators at night and a trespassing warning is on file. According to police, it is a dangerous place for people and emergency responders.