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      Amarillo gas prices tumble 15 cents in a week

      Gas prices in Amarillo have slid 15 cents in just one week, according to AAA Texas.

      The average price for unleaded gasoline in Amarillo was listed at $3.40 per gallon. Last week's price in the statewide gas survey was $3.55.

      Last year at the same time, Amarillo's price of gasoline came in at $3.37.

      The statewide average also fell 12 cents to land at $3.39 per gallon. The nationwide average slid 14 cents to $3.60.

      El Paso was listed as the most expensive gas in Texas at $3.49 per gallon.

      The U.S. Oil supply grew last week by 5.9 million barrels, the Energy Department said. Compared to last year, the supply is up 11.1 percent.