Amarillo gas prices jump 16 cents in one week

AAA Fuel Gauge report indicates that the average price per gallon in Amarillo has jumped 16 cents in the past week, rising from $3.14 to $3.30 per gallon.

This jump is consistent with the state average price increase where average gas prices have increased to $3.38 per gallon.

If you are wondering why the sudden increases have happened. Experts said higher crude oil prices along with production concerns are the reasons for the price hikes.

Currently AAA said the most expensive gas in the state can be found in Dallas and Fort Worth where the average price per gallon is $3.41. While drivers in El Paso are enjoying the cheapest gas prices, paying an average of $3.14 per gallon.

According to AAA Fuel Gauge Report, gas prices are 1 cent lower than prices were a year ago when the state average was $3.39 per gallon.