Amarillo gas prices drop by 30 cents in one month

Gas prices in Amarillo have dropped dramatically in just the last month, according to AAA Texas.

In the last month, the average retail gasoline price in Amarillo dropped by more than 30 cents to land at $3.26 per gallon. Last month, the average was $3.57 per gallon.

The price slid three cents in just the last week from $3.29.

Compared to a year ago, gas prices are also down. AAA Texas said the average price of gasoline in Amarillo was two cents more at $3.28 per gallon.

Texas' average was listed at $3.18 per gallon, according to the weekly survey of metro cities.

The most expensive gas in Texas can be found in El Paso at $3.33 per gallon. The cheapest at $3.06 can be found in Beaumont.

The national average slid two cents in the last week to settle at $3.44 per gallon.

AAA Texas said lower crude oil prices, reduced demand for fuel and economic growth conerns have put pressure on the gasoline prices.

Prices are expected to fall even more as Thanksgiving approaches, officials said.