Amarillo gas prices drop 4 cents

According to AAA Fuel Gauge Report gas prices in Amarillo are four cents cheaper than last week. Currently motorists in Amarillo are paying $2.95 per gallon which is slightly cheaper than the $2.99 per gallon motorists were paying last week.

Texas gas prices have fluctuated over the past week however the average price per gallon remains almost the same at $3.12 per gallon. However, despite the unchanged price, AAA reports the price is six cents less than it was this time last year and cheaper than the national average which currently sits at $3.31 per gallon.

AAA said Amarillo drivers are paying the least in the state while motorists in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are paying the most at $3.16 per gallon.

AAA indicated prices were pushed higher due to refinery problems but some states have seen price declines as more gas is being produced and the demand for fuel has dropped with the end of the holiday travel season.