Amarillo gas prices down 5 cents

According to AAA Fuel Gauge Report, the average price per gallon in Amarillo is $3.42 which is down 5 cents from last week's average of $3.47.

The falling gas price is consistent with the drop in prices around the state which fell four cents to $3.53, according to AAA.

Motorists in Beaumont are paying the least for gas in the state by paying $3.39 per gallon. The most expensive gas prices are in Dallas and Fort Worth where drivers are paying $3.62 per gallon.

AAA said that Texas drivers are paying an average of 28 cents less than last year.

The association said it is still too early to tell if prices have peaked for the spring because some areas are still switching to summer-blend gasoline and there is still some refinery maintenance to be completed.