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      Amarillo Fire Station 13 hosts open house

      T he newest fire station on Bell Street had its open house and special guest Mayor, Paul Harpole stopped by to share a few words.

      F irefighters took the traditional steps to welcome in the new fire station. I t's the last of three fire stations to be built from a project that the city started in 2007.

      T he station will run both an engine and a ladder company, plus something new to the area, a district chief will reside there.

      AFD said because of the growth and development in this area, there was a need for this station.

      "The problem was, there was, the density of the population, the density of the calls in this area, and we need the extra trucks to help cover when the other trucks were on calls," Jacob Oehlert said.

      S ome of the funds from the project also went toward remodeling the downtown central fire station and relocating station eight.