Amarillo family owned hardware store closing after 88 years

Beebe's Hardware store is closing its doors after being 88 years in business.

Beebe's Hardware store is closing its doors after being 88 years in business.

The hardware store was founded by Phil Reppert and started as Reppert Lumber. Parker's father, Charlie Beebe, became a partner and was working with the company since the 1920's. Charlie Beebe then bought out the company in 1953. Parker then bought the company in 1961.

Beebe said he didn't always want to go into the lumber business because it was "dirty and hard work", but he said he's been around the business all his life.

"When I was a kid, I don't even know if I was in school. I would fill coke bottles with turpentine and sell it to painters to thin the paint," Beebe said.

He said he took the job in 1961 because he said it was a good opportunity, but the job has not always been easy because of fluctuating lumber prices.

"It's a very volatile business."

Beede said even though the journey's been rough, his employees and loyal customers are what made the job worthwhile.

"We have a really close relationship with our customers, and that's what made this a tough decision," Beede said.

Regular customers said the Beebe's have become some of their closest friends.

"Oh, I love Parker and Phyllis and their family. We've been to their house," Customer Jean Landers said.

Employees also consider them as "parents", and Parker's wife Phyllis said the employees have also become their own kids.

"Our heart has been for the employees that we love and have become our children," Phyllis Beede said.

While the Beebe's said they're sad to see their work family go, they said they're excited to start the next chapter.

"We're weeping in the night, and look forward to the morning, and we're looking forward to the morning," Phyllis Beede said.

Right now, the store is having a store wide sale in order to liquidate the store. The store will officially close in the fall.