Amarillo Education Foundation surprises teachers with grants

The Amarillo Education Foundation spent the day giving out grants to deserving teachers. That money will help buy materials and some little extras for the classroom, that otherwise, teachers would go without.

"So today I got the check and I'm so excited, I'm so excited," said Music Teacher, Beverly Zearley.

Zearley is a music teacher at Paramount Terrace and she received $600.

"I went to the TMEA in February and learned a lot of great things you can do with an iPad in the music classroom and some of them are really helpful for kids who are slower learners or kids that like so high that you don't know what else to do with them," said Zearley.

So she'll be getting iPads for her classroom. Something she says would not be possible with everything school districts face, like looming budget cuts.

"music that's one of the first things that's cut, there's not a ton of money for us and so its neat that we can do this special thing there's no way I could have done it unless I pulled it out of my pocket".

This year, the Amarillo Education Foundation is helping more teachers than in years past. Awarding 36 grants, the most in it's history.

"To give this money to those teachers who don't have the budgetry means to provide anything special or extra," said Executive Director of the Amarillo Education Foundation, Susan Stevenson.

To find out how you can help the Amarillo Education Foundation, make these grants possible, click here.