Amarillo CVC to boost tourism through "What's on Tap?" event


Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council hosted it's 3rd installment of "What's on Tap?" at the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum in Canyon.


Amarillo CVC started the event back in February as a way for professionals in the tourism industry to network and connect. Eric Miller, Director of Communications at the Amarillo CVC said the summer is the height of their tourism season.

"From some of the reports that we're getting from the Texas play, Wonderland, Panhandle-Plains Museum, and some of the hotels, we're off to a very strong start compared to the past 2 or 3 years," said Miller.

The Amarillo CVC plans to host "What's on Tap?" every other month, and invites Panhandle residents and professionals from the travel and tourism industry to attend.

"It's most important that what comes out of
this event are ideas that will make our tourism product, our hotels, and our attractions, a better place for our families and for our guests to enjoy," said Miller.

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