Amarillo couple throws a scrub wedding

Couples have themed weddings all the time. But one Amarillo couple takes the cake for unique as they decide to throw a scrubs wedding.

Steve and Jeana Welch tied the knot Saturday afternoon and the two lovebirds wanted to travel down the untraditional aisle and have medical scrubs as their theme.

"I basically live in scrubs 80% of the time," said Steve Welch. He states that as an employee at BSA hospital and as a student at Amarillo College where their clinical is held at the hospital, it was only fitting to have the wedding there.

And Mrs. Welch had no objections. "I didn't want the stress of the traditional wedding," she said. "We wanted something light-hearted, something fun for our families to be involved in and we thought this might be the best way to do it."

The wedding party wore scrubs and hospital gear throughout the ceremony. And the hospital references didn't stop there.

As the Bride said "I do" and the Groom said "absolutely", the two accomplished their goal of having something unique yet memorable.