Amarillo couple claims moving company lost 100k worth of personal belongings

Amarillo couple claims moving comapany lost thousands of dollars worth of personal belongings

An Amarillo couple that recently moved to Washington said Ash Moving Corporation and J and P Moving Incorporated lost more than $100,000 worth of furniture and personal belongings.

Ted and Cindy Tripp said they started browsing for moving companies around March when they found Florida based Ash Moving Corp. They got in contact with the company and received a quote.

Tripp said the company never presented themselves as brokers thru emails and on the phone.

â??They presented themselves like they were an actual moving company. The logo said Ash Moving Corp. They had estimates for weight prices," Tripp said.

Once they agreed to the company, they were asked to send in a $3015 deposit and first payment.

Tripp said another company, J and P Moving Inc. called the day before saying they contracted by Ash and were on their way.

Family friend and realtor for Keller Williams Realty Jeanette Douglass said she showed up to the Trippâ??s home and noticed the movers showed up in rented trucks from Budget and Penske.

â??They showed up in one Budget rental truck and asked where the moving van was. They said the moving truck was having problems with the water pump,â?? Douglass said.

Tripp said when J and P Moving arrived, they asked for another payment of more than 4000 to which the Tripps refused and said their contract was with Ash, not J and P.

The moving day was June 2, and were promised their belongings in 15-25 days. They said they still have not received anything.

Tripp said they called the company and always received a string of excuses about their belongings.

â??They would say your things are on the way, your things are crossing state lines, theyâ??ll be there by the end of the week, theyâ??re in Nebraska. We knew they were lying to us,â?? Tripp said.

Ash Moving Corporation said they never presented themselves as movers, and that they are moving brokers. They say this has never happened, and there are charges and complaints about J and P Moving Inc. that they were not aware of at the time.

Tripp said they received an email from Ash telling them to submit a complaint to the United States Department of Transportation about J and P Moving Inc.

Pronews7 called the Department of Transportation on Tuesday and discovered that J and P Moving Inc.â??s license was revoked on Monday.

A&W Transfer and Storageâ??s Pam Matheson said anyone looking to move should try to get a local mover and get at least 3 price quotes in person. She also says to make sure to pay with cashier checks and credit cards rather than cash.

â??Especially if itâ??s an internet mover, if you think there is something wrong never send them a big deposit,â?? Matheson said.

The Tripps have not received a refund from the company, and have filed a report with the Randall County Sheriffâ??s Department.