Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council report shows tourism at record high

The numbers are in and Amarillo is on the map when it comes to tourism and travel in the state of Texas.

"Attractions are up, the hotel collections are up, the occupancy is up, so there are a lot of good numbers out there," said Amarillo Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Gary Molberg. "The play Texas is getting ready to wrap up and it was up 10% for the year and they've always had good crowds. Wonderland Park and the Big Texan are also up so that kind of gives you an indicator of tourism itself."

Molberg said hotel and motel accommodations may have seen the biggest increase, with an 81% occupancy rate during the month of June.

"We have over 6,000 hotel rooms, probably 2,000 more than Lubbock has, and if you compare with the cities throughout the state of Texas, we had the highest occupancy rate in the state in June," said Molberg. "We're up 18% for the year in hotel and motel collections."



lley Katz, a local antique store off 6th street, summer tourism shopping had a slow start.

"Honestly it has been a little bit slower than last season, but July and the first part of August we have seen a better increase, more like last summer

," said LaDon Paige of Alley Katz Antiques.

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