Amarillo community unites to 'STOP the violence'

Saturday morning at Polk Street Methodist Church, Family Support Services of Amarillo welcomed the community to their first 'STOP the violence,' festival.

In households across America thousands of voices are crying out for help, but are silenced by the hand of someone else. Domestic abuse is a crime that cannot be over looked.

Daisy Strout was a fun, friendly, giving person that was killed by her boyfriend on October 10, 2010.

Saturday an entire team attended 'STOP the violence' in her name.

"That is why we walk today, in her memory, to make people aware of domestic violence. Also to try to help people know that they can get help, all they have to do is ask." said Mimi, Daisy Strout's Grandmother.

According to officials 47 percent of Texans have personally experienced domestic violence

"I want people to know that there is a lot of help available, there are a lot of resources that don't cost anything. Any question that they have the hotline can get them in the right place," said Janet Byars Executive Director of Family Support Services. "They can also come to our agency on 10th and Polk, they can walk in."

The mission to 'STOP the violence,' is not one authorities nor Family Support Services can reach alone,

they need your help.

"If you see something going on, some kind of violence or domestic violence or abuse, speak up," said Chad Mitchell. "Or get help, which means to encourage people to stand up and go, hey! We do have issues and we want to address them."

Though the movement focuses on women, FSS said domestic violence and abuse can affect anyone at any time.

"Two of my friends that attended my church, one was a homeless man and he was beaten to death by a 15 year old with a cinder block. Another friend of mine was a 28 year old, he was gunned down in an alley way, and leaves two children behind. So violence doesn't just affect women and children it affects everybody.

In Amarillo, more than 300 reports have been made in the past year.

If you know someone who is affected by domestic violence, speak up and contact the Family Support Services hotline at, (806) 374-5433.