Amarillo community rallies behind family of fallen soldier to show support

Amarillo citizens united to pay their respects to fallen PFC, Genaro Bedoy along 45 and coulter, Saturday morning in Amarillo.

We witnessed an amazing bond among the community to support the family of a local fallen hero.

Bedoy was killed earlier this month in Afghanistan, and Saturday he was laid to rest at memorial park.

It was a site like no other; hearts of the community bled red, white and blue, as American pride took the place of the sun and shined in Amarillo.

"Though the community doesn't know the family of this young man, they know the sacrifice that he paid for the freedom in this country," said Jerry Moore, Texas Patriotic Guard Riding Captain.

"And they want to show the family their support. When it's a day like today, the mission that we're on, it's not about the Patriot Guard or the different motorcycle groups, it's about the family."

Over one hundred fifty bikes and countless community members were present in helping the Texas Patriot Guard in sharing that mission, showing sincere respect for our fallen hero, who gave his life so we can all live ours.

"It makes a big difference when the person that is being honored comes from a community such as Amarillo. Any of the towns with in the Texas panhandle, Oklahoma panhandle, Eastern New Mexico, there is a togetherness, and tightness unparalleled to anywhere else in the country that I have been," said Moore.

The rally of respect quickly became so much for those who were only strangers to Bedoy.

Jessi Prince, Veteran/Bedoy supporter said, "me as a veteran, I've deployed twice overseas in combat. My brother, he went over there, he's an army veteran. My sister is an army veteran; they've had friends die in combat, so it's just something that I feel needs to be done as a veteran. Something needed to happen to support them and I think it's just awesome the whole turn out, everything is just amazing."

As the family of Genaro Bedoy says goodbye, area locals hold the American flag proudly and remember the ultimate price paid.

"We're a patriotic country, that's what we're here for. The troops are over there fighting for us, I think that's the least we could do is show support as a community," said Prince.

Genaro Bedoy is survived by a wife and 7 week old infant. Here at ProNews 7, our prayers and thoughts are extended to the family.

For information on where and how to make a donation to the family, click here.