Amarillo residents discuss concerns about Congressional Representatives

Questions and concerns ranged from health care to immigration, and education to environmental issues. (Colby Smalzel, ABC7 Amarillo)

The Amarillo group Indivisible Amarillo hosted a "W.O.W" town hall meeting to talk about concerns and ask questions of Congressional Representatives.

While the representatives were not in attendance, community members used cardboard cut-outs as sounding boards for questions, comments and concerns.

"W.O.W. town hall means 'with or without' our congressional representatives so that we can voice some of our questions and our concerns about what's happening," said Carole McDaniel, a member of Indivisible Amarillo.

Questions and concerns ranged from health care to immigration, and education to environmental issues.

"People have got to have a place that they can come forward, that they can talk, that they can speak out in,” said event moderator, Jeff Blackburn. “I think in and of itself that's a hugely valuable thing."

McDaniel described Indivisible Amarillo as a non-partisan political group looking to get more people involved in the discussion of politics.

"Our mission is information, activism and advocacy for the people of this area so their voices may be heard and that we can put out factual information and treat all people fairly and justly,” said McDaniel.

Throughout the event, audience members raised a green card in agreement or a red card in opposition while folks got up to address their concerns.

"I hope to see us raise our voices and let them know that the panhandle counts and that they maybe should be paying attention to what people say in the panhandle,” said McDaniel.

Blackburn said a recording of Tuesday night’s event will be sent to each representative.

"Whether these politicians want to listen or not we are going to provide questions for them out of what the people themselves have to ask tonight and those questions are going to be delivered to them,” said Blackburn.

Blackburn said the event was a place for people to voice anger and concern following what he called a shocking election.

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