Amarillo community celebrates veterans with bike run

The Sixth Street Saloon had a C

elebration of
Freedom for veterans and the community today. Whether it's the Vietnam Veterans of America, a local chapter that has been around for 26 years, or Goody's World Famous Popcorn that's fairly new to the area...they both have one goal in mind.

Terry Kirby, a member of Vietnam Veterans of America said

, "Today's celebration of freedom is to honor all of our veterans, our first responders and anybody who really does good for the community."



e opened up our store, and we sent popcorn overseas for every like so we actually partnered up with american supports you texas that sends the care packages over. so we're helping them raise money for shipping costs



Dave Goodwin of Goody's World Famous Popcorn said.


ther organizations that showed up to participate in the bike run and
Prisoners of War Missing in Action ceremony were the United States Army, the Iron Solders, a foundations that supports families of fallen solders and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Before Goodwin started helping strangers, he had family to think about.



y brother-in-law is, so that pretty much gave us the passion to help out

," Goodwin said.


e came back from doing the six tours in
Iraq and he had a hard time finding a job. So we took him under our wing."


hat's the
Panhandle spirit behind the event, raising funds for Veterans of America and other charitable needs in the community.