Amarillo College construction near completion

It cost millions of dollars and seven years later construction associated with Amarillo College's bond is close to completion. Right now, finishing touches are happening on the college's Washington Street Campus.

It was in November of 2007 that voters passed Amarillo College's proposed $68.3 million bond. Many at the college calling it a lifeline to keep it running, with the last updates being made in the 1960's.

Construction and hard work has been a typical scene at Amarillo College campuses over the last seven years.

"It helped really just improve the whole process of education. It gives the students additional time and exposure to all the new material they're being taught," said Amarillo College Tutor, Kip Fuller.

Moving houses, paving parking lots, building a new Science lab, updating existing buildings, updating the Badger den and building up the nursing program with the addition of the Steven Jones Hall -- all improvements giving Amarillo College a 21st century facelift.

"There was facility infrastructure that needed to be upgraded a lot of it was almost 50 years old, VHS equipment that was just outdated and not sufficient," said Amarillo College's, Bruce Cotgreave.

"Usually you come to a community college and you don't expect there to be super awesome facilities because you know everyone comes because its cheaper. But you come here and you get a good education that actually has nice facilities. You have the brand new buildings and you have consistent improvements that they're trying to do," said Amarillo College Tutor, Sarah McMahan.

The college even said they benefited when the economy hit bottom, and came in under budget which helped them afford to redo the Washington Street campus front parking lots.

"All of our projects have come in at least under budget or at budget and all of them have come in on time. We've moved in and been able to start classes at the semester," said Cotgreave.

Officials with Amarillo College said construction on the Washington Street campus will be completed by the start of the fall semester, which starts August 25th.