Amarillo College comes to the aid of its students

Earlier this week we told you how the High Plains Food Bank is concerned over the farm bill currently in Congress and how the current bill could result in thousands of people in Potter and Randall counties losing their food stamps.

It's tough all over and now an unlikely source is offering up help as well.

On the second floor of Parcells Hall on the Amarillo college campus is a door to an office, but it's not a faculty member you'll find here. Instead, it's a very small campus pantry set up to meet the needs of some of A.C.'s students, according to Lynae Jacob, A.C.'s Speech/communication Department Chair

"We often find students are forced with the difficult choice. "I have only 20 dollars left this week, do I put that in my gas tank or buy groceries?" And so we at AC want them to concentrate on school, so they can further their education and break the cycle that they're on."

And it's not a heavily regimented type of system. It's more for our students who need some help and we want to do what we can with this type of system.

"They do have to be a student at AC, they can use the pantry twice a month, but they do not have to come with a social security card, proof of income, any of that type."

They're not specifically funded by any group or's word of mouth and email blasts when needs arise...and it's working.

"I'd like to fix poverty and end this. But I foresee we'll keep this going as long as we have a need."

So anyone can give...just pick up a few extra items at the store or drop some stuff off at the Speech-communications department in Parcells Hall...and help fill the shelves and help out some AC students.

If you want to make a monetary donation, you can make it out to the Amarillo Foundation and note that you'd like the donation to go to the pantry and all your donation will help stock the shelves.