Amarillo City Transit to begin construction on bus stop improvements


      hase 4 of an Amarillo City Commission-approved project is set to begin by mid-January.

      Commissioners approved a $479,690 project to improve local bus stops by adding 8 bus stop shelters, as well as 29 bus benches throughout the Amarillo.

      Eighty percent of the money that funds the project comes from the Federal Transit Administration. The additional 20% comes from the City of Amarillo general fund.

      Amarillo City Transit has yet to determine a completion date for the project. They say the construction of the new additions will depend largely on the weather during the time of the project.

      Bus stops receiving bus shelters:

      1601 NW 18th Ave.

      5241 S Washington Street (ADVO)

      4610 Coulter Street (Walmart)

      28 Western Plaza Drive

      1400 Coulter Street (Texas Tech University Health and Sciences Center) - 2 shelters

      1301 S Coulter (NW Texas Hospital)