Amarillo City Council approves downtown parking garage ordinance

Amarillo City Council members approved of the downtown parking garage ordinance Tuesday night. (ABC 7 Amarillo-Tiffany Lester)

At Tuesday night’s Amarillo City Council meeting, members approved of the downtown parking garage ordinance.

As construction continues on that parking garage, council members approved the ordinance temporarily setting the rates for how much it will cost to park there and on the street nearby.

The garage is expected to be finished by June.

The city is working with the Local Government Corporation on garage management and setting the officials rates.

“The ordinance will set the rates, initially will be $2 and hour for the first two hours, then $2 per two hours segment with a maximum of $7,” said Amarillo Deputy City Manager Bob Cowell. “That’s what the council took action on today and LGC will complete that tomorrow. There are a few other pieces like how much we’ll charge for special events that will have to get worked on as we go along and they are being careful to point out, obviously, we’ll make arrangements for people who are conducting city business so they aren’t charged for that business.”

Cowell said the council also wants to switch seventh and eighth streets from one-ways to two-way streets near the end of the summer.

The LGC meeting to set the full rates is set for Wednesday.

Also in Tuesday’s City Council meeting, city leaders announced the pilot program helping Amarillo's homeless population is almost ready for kick off.

The Amarillo Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement (HOPE) program officially starts May 1.

The pilot program connects Amarillo's homeless population to the community's support services and to temporary jobs.

HOPE offers community clean-up projects to those in need at least twice a week for six hours a day.

During that time, workers will get a meal and interaction with case managers.

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