Amarillo City Commissioners to re-visit hot topic

Amarillo City Commissioners are expected to re-visit a hot topic when they meet Tuesday during their regular meeting.

Last month, Commissioners began considering more than $6 million in certificates of obligation to build a new downtown recreation center, joining with Kids Inc., which agreed to kick in about $2 million toward the project. They would then house and maintain the city's property at no cost to Amarillo taxpayers.

Since then, concerned citizens groups have come forward saying the commission shouldn't be spending taxpayer money for non-essentials.

"On non-essential items, where taxes are going up, people deserve the right to participate on approving or disapproving it," said concerned citizen Bill Summerford.

"Who is to say if it's essential?" said City Commissioner Jim Simms. "If I'm in a volleyball league and the only times we can have a game is at 12:00 or 12:30 at night, I think I would say its essential. And make no mistake, this is a municipal building, to be managed by Kids, Inc. But, it's for the whole city to use,"The new tax would be about $6 on a $100,000 dollar home is its ever implemented.

We also spoke with Kids Inc., President Jim Lackey who said he's holding his public comments for tomorrow's meeting.

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