Amarillo City commissioners to consider anti-drainage fee and government growth petitions


special election
may be coming to Amarillo this fall.


wo petitions made their way into the hands of the city secretary
in July, and have since been approved.

The first petition was started by Bill Sumerford of Amarillo in January of 2013. The petition asks the city to eliminate a drainage fee that was introduced to residents in 2012. The fee appears on an Amarillo water bill every month. The second petition, also started in January, asks the city to limit government growth to population growth plus inflation.

"What we want to happen is for the citizens of Amarillo to express whether they approve of double taxation or not, and whether they approve of city government growing faster than our economy without a citizen vote," said Amarillo Resident Bill Sumerford. "The whole idea is to get citizens involved."

With the required 3,920 valid registered voter signatures, the Amarillo City Commission will present the petitions in a public meeting on Tuesday, August 5, 2013. There they will discuss removing the ordinances, or calling for a special election in November.

"We had done our homework. We had about 900 more than we needed on the drainage petition and a little over 300 more than we needed on the limit government growth," said Sumerford. "That's what will be before the city commission tomorrow."


you're interested in learning more about the petitions, the commission will hold a public meeting
Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.