Amarillo citizens get free dental care

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It brought hundreds of people to the Amarillo Civic Center this afternoon.

Free dental work offered by TMOM, the Texas Mission of Mercy.

It's multi-day mobile dental clinic that brings restorative dental care to Texans.

This event will help more than 500 people a day get free dental work who simply can't afford it.

"We take care of people's primary needs, a lot of chief complaints, which would be tooth aches, fillings, or teeth that just don't look as good to them and they'd like some help with trying to get a better smile," said Amarillo Dentist, Tyler Pendergrass.

Most of the people will get an average of $800-$1,000 worth of work done, but thanks to charitable donations, it's all free.

"There are a lot of the local dentists that give their time away and their expertise to do this, also a lot of the auxiliary personnel, the assistants, the hygienists, some to do this but a lot of the dentists just travel to these which are done throughout the year and came in from various parts of Texas."

The dentists will treat a number of things to help people in need beautify their smile.

"We're probably seeing a lot of tooth decay, that's the biggest thing we see a lot of, a lot of abscesses, we will also take everything from a basic profile or standard cleaning all the way up to extractions and fillings of everything that they've done."

TMOM serves as a great way for dentists from across the state to give back to the community in a big way.

"This is our single best way that we can give back to the public so that we say we care and we are dentists who care and want to give back and give somebody the opportunity that wouldn't normally have that."

Dr. Pendergrass says without the sponsors, this event wouldn't be possible because most functions like this one take about $60,000 to put on just for the basics that are required.

The event will start up again at the Civic Center Saturday at 7 a.m. and will continue until 5p.m.