Amarillo church volunteer accused of child sex crime...again

Cody Flowers, facing charges of 16 counts of possession of child pornography.

One Family Life Church member is questioning why Cody Flowers, a former child ministry volunteer, was allowed to participate in church activities following his May 2013 arrest of indecency with a child-- sexual contact. Flowers was arrested this Tuesday with 16 counts of possession of child pornography. The church member wants to remain anonymous, but says that she confronted Keena Ivie, director and pastor, months ago, but no action was taken.

"I thought she would do the right thing," the church member said. "And I will be honest with you, we stopped going for a couple months, and we started back three weeks ago and that's when we saw that video."

The video she speaks of she says was a church play in which Flowers played a character. She says he touched and picked up young girls in the play. She says she was shocked that Flowers was given access to the children.

Ivie tells a different story.

"Since the first charges were dropped, he was a character in one of our skits here and that was on stage," Ivie said. "He did not have any contact with the children. He was just on stage."

Randall County Assistant District Attorney Robert Love says the original charge was dismissed in July 2013 pending further investigation once Flowers's computer was seized. Amarillo Police Department's Sergeant Brent Barbee says it's not uncommon for charges to be dismissed for further investigation.

"When charges are dismissed, they're dismissed," Sgt. Barbee said. "That person's not on probation, that person's not on parole, that person has no legal allegation against him whatsoever."

Barbee says forensic lab work was returned to the D.A. in late January confirming that Flowers's computer contained child porn. A warrant was issued for Flowers arrest on Monday, and Randall County deputies arrested Flowers on Tuesday.

See his arrest record here.