Amarillo Chamber of Commerce warns against scam

A scam artist is going to houses in the area pretending to sell magazines affiliated with the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber has received calls from several people about the scam and is now warning people to be alert if a salesperson knocks on the door.

"The Chamber of Commerce doesn't conduct any kind of door-to-door sales, nor do we authorize anybody to do so on our behalf," Chamber Communications Senior Director Penni Bentley said. "You know, we have a membership sales person that contacts our local businesses in the community for information on belonging to the chamber or selling the membership of the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce. but, for the most part, we don't deal with the general public."

This is not the only scam Amarillo has seen recently.

The Better Business Bureau has received complaints about another possible scam. Consumers in Amarillo, Portales and other cities have received letters from HomeServe USA Corporation about insurance for home water and sewer lines. The New Mexico Attorney General's office has confirmed the scam in Portales is under investigation.

"What people need to know is first of all- is this something that's already covered by their homeowners insurance," Better Business Bureau CEO Janna Kiehl stated. "If it is not, is it something they want and need to purchase based on the contract they're given and all of the fine print included in that contract and based on the BBB report on this company."

According to Kiehl, scam artists use reputable company names to gain trust, and often try to appeal to emotions.

"Whether it's a door-to-door solicitation or a solicitation in the mail, if you don't know the company, find out before you give them your money or give them your business."

Anyone with questions about the credibility of a business can visit the BBB website for a report on business ratings, complaints and other information.