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      Amarillo Chamber of Commerce hosts Business Connection 2013

      T he Amarillo Chamber of Commerce hosted their annual Business Connection at the Amarillo Civic Center earlier today.

      B usinesses from across the Panhandle set up shop for the day-long event. Local businesses ranging from restaurants and insurance providers, to health and wellness facilities and tech companies, used the event to network.

      Wh ile some went to make connections, others simply wanted to take advantage of the free samples.

      "It really helps to get your advertising out there and let people know what you have available in your market," said Melody Browning. "So many times we don't have a clue and this is a great way to find out."

      O rganizers of the event sa id face to face interaction is the best way to promote businesses relationships with potential new customers, and that's why they've hosted the event year after year.