Amarillo Chamber Barbecue celebrates 18 years of winners

Ms. Estella Barker with Sam's Club doubles up on gloves and cuts away in preparation for the Chamber BBQ.

Amarillo's annual Good Times Chamber of Commerce Cook-Off featured more than 100 tip-top cooks today, out for nothing less than a win.

It's more than just an outdoor cookout, and for the owner of Desperados Catering, Richard Dyer, he's in it for one year's worth of serious bragging rights.

"I've won first place ribs...Just almost every year," Byer said.

The cook-off is celebrating its 18th annual, but in 1996, teams weren't only competing for bragging rights; they competed for the chance to cook on capitol ground in Austin, Texas for legislation in February.

Senior Communication Director at the Chamber of Commerce Penni Bentley said "They get a plaque, recognition in our news letter and bragging rights for the year, and you'll see some of the teams that have won in previous years will actually come out here and display their plaques year after year and rub it in."

From those who claimed to be barbecue-pit masters to the real cooking professionals, Amarillo's Chamber Barbecue Cook-Off isn't showing any sign of slowing down.

"When we first started out, we called everywhere in town trying to get people to come to this...but now they call the chamber of commerce."