Amarillo celebrates National Tourism Week

It's an industry that is easy to look past, but without tourism and travel within our area everyone would feel the effects.

"If the tourism industry went away, and so if all that tax revenue went away, every tax paying family in the state of Texas would owe an additional 840 dollars per year," said Amarillo Communications and Visitor Council Director Eric Miller.

State statistics indicated that tourism generates more than 700 million dollars per year. Locally, it's linked to near four thousand jobs, and we're home to various attraction sites.

Officials said that people from across the US come to the panhandle to experience our heritage.

"The true cowboy western experience that you can still get in the panhandle that you don't get in other parts of Texas," said Tourism Partner Kristine Olsen.

In celebration of national tourism week, more than 25 local partners contributed to the Tourism Day Expo hosted at the Texas Travel Information Center.

"They can learn about other things to do in the area besides just traveling Route 66, or maybe coming to see Palo Duro Canyon," said Olsen.

With constant traffic along I-27 and I-40 and the increased use of technology, North Heights Alternative school created an app to help make travel and tourism, easy for visitors.

"People stay overnight, and they don't know what to do because they're not from the town," said North Heights App Team Member. "You download this app and there are all these places to go to. This is awesome. We have around 400 entries, just restaurants, entertainment, things like that."

With so much local support, officials said it's safe to say tourism and travel to the panhandle isn't slowing down anytime soon.