Amarillo businesses attend leadership conference

A very important part of any business is having personnel with high quality leadership skills.

Sunday, August 11, 2013 a small group of business men and women gathered to learn how to improve their leadership skills with the Leadership Evolution Conference, hosted at WT's Enterprise center.

Cloud Interview conducted the conference, paying direct attention to helping attendees learn specific techniques to better their businesses.

Attendee's say the event provided great tools for employers on how to better manage their organizations and bring their leadership to the next level.

Some of the changes the conference focused on included developing strong personnel, how to impact others, communication styles, accountability, and transformational leadership.

"Cloud Interview is trying to help people find very, very specific skills to help them strengthen their organizations. These skills are things that are small, because making small changes will lead to larger, more dramatic overall changes in the organization." said Cloud Interview's Mike Brigsby " I think this conference has helped people understand from a deliberate standpoint that as long as we're paying attention to our business, we can make positive changes."

Grigsby said Cloud Interview plans to hold another conference in December and you can register for it or future conferences by visiting {<}{>} or {<}{>}.