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      Amarillo bikers ride for one of their own

      T he motorcycle community here in Amarillo came together to help out one of their own who was injured last month in a bad crash.

      B ikers me t at S mokey Joes to help raise funds for Tammie Butler, a local motorcyclist who broke both of her legs in that crash. The group of bikers put together a live auction, raffle and drove around town in honor of their friend and it was their goal to get nearly 100 riders on the streets.

      Coordinator Dano Aldrich, said Bulter would be at the event in a wheelchair but that she didn't want to miss out even though she couldn't participate in the ride.

      "W ell this is a benefit for Tammie. There was a wreck the 22nd of September in Palo Duro Canyon, two men were killed and she was the passenger." he said "It was pretty serious, medical expenses living expenses, she can't work with two broken legs, so we're trying to put together a fund to help her get through this."

      T he group has also set up an account in her name at Happy State Bank.