Amarillo attorney to sue head shop

      Amarillo attorney Vince Nowak says he plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit this week against a local head shop.

      That lawsuit will be in connection with the death of 18-year-old Jessie High.

      High died on June 26th.

      And the autopsy indicates the cause of death was probably complications from synthetic cannabinoid ingestion.

      That would be the synthetic drug K-2.

      The drug is sold as incense but itâ??s often smoked for recreational use.

      High reportedly had ingested K-2 earlier that day.

      Nowak says, "This week I plan to file a wrongful death suit against a head shop for selling Jesse High K-2. He died in June. He bought K-2 in a local head shop. He smoked it and he died."

      Nowak says he will file that suit in a court in Potter County.