Amarillo at center of Memorial Day travel rush

The Amarillo Travel Information Center off I-40 is staying busy this Memorial Day Weekend thanks to visitors from across the country.

"Last year at this time we have about 2,300 visitors to our travel information center, and so far this year we've seen about a 10 to 15% increase in travel overall," said Texas Department of Transportation Spokesman Paul Braun. "So we expect that trend to continue through the Memorial Day Weekend."

Travelers from all over the U.S. are making a pit stop in Amarillo, and so far many have said the drive has been easy.

"Traffic hasn't been a problem at all. It's been really light, not too many people on the roads, and it's been moving pretty smoothly," said Colorado resident Chris Hagan.

Many were able to escape the heavy flow of traffic around the destruction in Moore, Oklahoma.

"We saw quite a bit in Oklahoma coming from Norman to get onto I-40 we had to pass up through the Moore tornado zone," said Oklahoma resident Donald Cox.

With the rising cost of fuel, gas prices didn't seem to be an issue for some travelers.

"The gas prices have been pretty good, we have a diesel car so it gets really good gas mileage," said Hagan of Oklahoma.

Because of Amarillo's major highways, TxDOT

wants to remind drivers of a few important tips.


uring this holiday travel period slow down, buckle up, cut the distractions in your vehicles, don't drink and drive

," said Braun. "

Those are the main things that we want people to consider when they're traveling the state of Texas."