Amarillo artists featured on PBS

Some artists from Amarillo will be featured in an Arts Festival series beginning Oct. 14 on PBS.

The series includes clips from stations all over the country, in which local artists display their talents.

According to KACV-TV Producer Marcie Robinson, the personal angle PBS offers is what makes viewers interested in its programming.

"We try to focus on three things primarily: education, arts and culture and public affairs," she said. "And as our part of our arts programming, we feel like people need to know what kinds of beautiful and creative and talented people we have here in Amarillo."

All kinds of art will be featured in the series, and the current show Artzone features Amarillo artists, as well.

"Visual artists, as far as music and ballet and dance and theatre," Robinson pointed out, "and some people have no idea the amount of art that's in this city and the surrounding areas. And, so, we are happy to bring it to them."