Amarillo Area Foundation President plans to retire

Amarillo Area Foundation, and The Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation, President/CEO, Jim Allison

Amarillo Area Foundation, and The Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation, President/CEO, Jim Allison, will be retiring at the end of the year, ending 21 years of service to both foundations.

Amarillo Area Foundation Board Chair, Mark Bivins, and The Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation Board Chair, Glen Parkey announced their acceptance of Allison's intent to retire.

Under Mr. Allison's leadership, the foundations, which serve the northernmost 26 counties of Texas, continued to expand their efforts as the region's trusted leader in philanthropy.

Allison was instrumental in funding many successful projects, such as the development of capital funding for the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy, formation and funding of the ACE scholarship program, expansion of Palo Duro Canyon State Park through acquisition of Pete and Wanda Gilvin's Canoncita Ranch, and creation and funding of the Guyon Saunders Resource Center (formerly known as the Tyler Street Resource Center).

"Philanthropy is an act, not a gift. It is more than giving money, getting money, building monuments, and creating nonprofit programs. In the end, it represents the passion of people for quality of life and living. No amount of money can replace the power of a committed individual or community," said Allison.

Chair Mark Bivins, says Allison has been a great leader for the foundations.

"Jim has been invaluable to the Foundation and the entire Texas Panhandle. In his own right, he has been one of the biggest leaders in philanthropy due to his wise guidance, business acumen and ability to work with so many people."

Harrington Foundation Chair, Glen Parkey, stated "the imprint that Jim as made on the Foundations will make it easier to attract another outstanding person to lead this organization at the top position. The Foundation has a strong and successful history and is one of the most outstanding community foundations in the country."

The Foundations' Boards of Directors and Mr. Allison will transition during the remainder of the year in preparation for a search for Mr. Allison's successor.