Amarillo and Canyon ISD students get second chance at STAAR Test

Amarillo and Canyon ISD students who did not pass the STAAR Tests at the end of the year are getting a second chance starting July 8, 2013.

After a refresher course in June, junior high and high school students from both districts are getting the opportunity to retake it. At the end of every year, students are required to take the STAAR, which measures course material learned throughout the school year.

If students do not pass a particular subject in that test, they are required to retest and pass before they can finish high school.

"When they took the STAAR test in the spring, if they missed it by 1 or 2 questions, it's beneficial for them to take summer school and then retake the test because they have a higher chance of passing the exam," said Canyon ISD Communications Director April McDaniel.

Amarillo ISD also offered a summer academy for students looking to retake the test.

"As a district we did some refresher work with those through our summer academy to try and get those students prepared to be more successful on the test," said Executive Director-Tascosa District Stan Chatman.


he STAAR Test is supposed to assess a student's knowledge in subjects including Algebra, Biology, Physics, English, and U.S History.