Amarillo Airport is open for business

pumping out the water from Wednesday night's rain

UPDATE: The Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport was hit hard by the rain, with water flooding the basement area which crept into the baggage claim.

Crews are busy pumping the water out this afternoon, however the airport has managed to stay open, with most flights leaving on time.

Officials say they've been working hard since the rain started pouring down, in order to make sure flights take off on time.

"We are working with airlines and rental car companies and the airport continues to be open and on time. We are processing bags and tickets by hand and doing those manually so please arrive on time at the airport an hour before your flight," said Scott Carr, Director of Aviation.

According to Carr the airport received about 11 inches of rain in a short time, and the flooding occurred because their storm water system overloaded.

Previously Posted:

Pronews 7 has just confirmed that the Amarillo Airport is open for business.

Scott Carr, Director of Aviation, told Pronews 7 flights are on time. While they don't have phone service, people are being advised to get to show up for their flights and check in manually.