Allstate Report: Amarillo drivers rank fourth best in Texas

Amarillo drivers can give themselves a pat on the back. Allstate released its America's Best Drivers Report for 2012 and it ranked Amarillo drivers fourth in the state of Texas for the safest cities to drive in.

That same list landed Amarillo drivers as the 52nd safest in the entire United States. The report looked at the nation's 200 largest cities and ranked them based on the frequency of car collisions for each driver. According to the report, the average driver in Amarillo will have an auto accident every 10.2 years.

"I think a lot of it has to do with attitude," said Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Gabriel Medrano. "We don't have that attitude that a lot of the bigger cities might have where you're just trying to rush around like that you know. We're out there, we know we have somewhere to go but we also know that we need to get there. So, we're going to pay attention, try to keep from having that traffic collision."

Brownsville was landed in the number one spot in the state of Texas for best drivers, and in the 25th spot in the nation. Garland, Texas found itself at the lowest ranked city for safest drivers -- 22nd in the state and 179th in the nation.