Alleviating hunger in the Panhandle Spirit

Alleviating hunger in school children over the weekend is the mission of "Snack Pak 4 Kids". It's volunteers and businesses in the area that are helping the program accomplish that goal.

Happy State Bank is one of those making a difference in the Panhandle Spirit.

"We collected 37,000 Pop-Tarts or equivalent to over 6,100 boxes," said Cari Roach, Vice President, Marketing Director of Happy State Bank.

Happy State Bank heard there was a need for Pop-Tarts, and its people say they were more than happy to answer the call.

All through October, branches in Amarillo, Canyon, and Hereford collected them, and here's why that was so important. The program buys food through the Food Bank, but couldn't do that for Pop-Tarts and peanut butter.

"Snack Pak 4 Kids" is a program that discreetly puts snacks in kids' backpacks to take home for the weekend.

"When we heard hungry kids and a program to reach out to them. We had to, there was no choice," said Roach.

"Am overjoyed at our employees. These employees bought these pop-tarts themselves, the bank did not. The bank did make a monetary donation because we do believe in taking care of our communities and serving in our communities."

So how can you help?

"You can volunteer to help organize, you can donate money, you can donate peanut butter or Pop-Tarts yourself. It takes $133 a year to feed a child through this program," said Roach.

She says the Pop-Tart drive will more than likely turn into an annually event since it was such a success.

For more information on how you can help "Snack Pak 4 Kids", click here.