All of Tucumcari's city commissioners face recalls

The citizens of Tucumcari have filed recall petitions for all of the five city commissioners.

The first two petitions for the recall of commissioners Dora Salinas-McTigue and Jimmy Sandoval were initiated on Oct. 17.

Then petitions for commissioners Amiel Curnutt and Robert Lumpkin were started on Oct. 22.

The last petition was filed on Oct. 28 was for Ernest Dominguez.

The start of this goes back to the Sept. 26 commission meeting. The city manager was fired with a three to two vote.

In the Oct. 10 meeting, Commissioner Lumpkin motioned to reinstate the city manager. He said the reasons for firing were hard to backup and could open the city to liability problems.

At this meeting, Commissioner Ernest Dominguez changed his previous vote, to side with Lumpkin and Curnutt. By a three to two vote, the city manager was rehired.

â??Concerned citizens started a recall petition on the two remaining city commissioners that voted to fire the city manager,â?? Lumpkin said.

Then, Lumpkin said supporters of these two commissioners started recall petitions for Dominguez, Curnutt and himself.

â??It starts with disagreements and their first answer is to recall the person who didn't agree with you or go with your idea. As I have experienced in the past and then after that it becomes you did it to us, so we'll do it to you. We'll recall you also,â?? said Charlie Moya, Tucumcari resident.

Moya said the petitions will only divide the community.

Lumpkin said the recall petition is a needed process for the citizens. He said it gives them the opportunity to correct something they feel needs to be changed.