AISD trauma team works with Bonham Middle School students

Officers were called out to 45th and Bell St. on Sunday evening on a pedestrian accident, but what they didn't know was that pedestrian was only 13 years old.

Corporal Jerry Neufeld said, "He decided to take off and literally took off running, went across the southbound lanes and was fortunate. However, when he got to the northbound lanes, a vehicle strikes him first and kind of knocks him into the outside lanes where he's struck again."

Neufeld said he was with an older boy, and both of them were trying to cross the street to get to the east side of Bell. According to APD, the older boy pushed the cross-walk button, but the younger boy started running. Witnesses told police north and southbound traffic had the green light.

Now the school district is working with students and teachers at Bonham Middle School.

"We do classroom presentations in the student's classroom," Tracey Morman with AISD said. "We want to make sure we present the facts because unfortunately with social media, we get a lot of misconceptions, myths, gossip and untruths happen."

AISD has a nine member trauma team that deals directly with these cases and works one-on-one with students.

"We give them opportunities to write about their classmate or their teacher they may have lost." Morman said. "They color which really helps them with the traumatic event. I know it sounds strange but they really use different college strategies that really get different parts of the brain engaged."

Morman said right now the goal is to provide students with a safe environment where they feel comfortable sharing their feelings.

"The student body just talked about what a great person that they were. They made them laugh all the time, so it's been good to allow them that opportunity to express their feelings about their classmate," she said.

APD said the accident remains under investigation, but alcohol and speed do not seem to be a factor with either driver.