AISD offers online bully reporting

I t's an age old issue that in recent years has turned into a major problem. In fact, most school districts have programs in place to help reduce the problem.

According to, a website dedicated to the problem, anywhere from 8-20% of kids report being bullied multiple times a week. Researchers say bullying can lead to poor academic performance, poor psychological health and bad peer relationships.

The National Institute of Health places the number closer to 30% of 6-10th graders who are bullied on a regular basis.

Trying to not only catch bullies but stop them can be a challenge for school officials. Amarillo schools are trying something new, when it comes to this problem. Up until now students have been able to report any bully activity at school in a locked box that only counselors and administrators would see. But now, they can also go online to the district's website and report bullying and that report is immediately sent to the school's counselor to be investigated.

"The most important thing is to report it and if kids and parents don't report it, we can't do anything about it. So, that's where we're more interested than anything, we just want those reports to come to us," said Paula Ward, the district's Director of Guidance and Counseling.

Ward said it whether it TMs a physical threat or an occasional harassment, school officials want to know about so that it can be investigated.

"They investigate, they get administrators involved, they get other students involved. Whatever they need to get the investigation started to find out what's really going on. "

By offering a chance to report bullying online, the district hopes to maintain a pro-active stance when it comes to bullying on campus. To report an offense click here.