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      AISD meets state standards

      Gains by Humphrey's Highland Elementary School made all 52 schools in AISD now up to state standards. AISD said this achievement has been three years in the making.

      "It's not a quick fix type of problem, but really years of pouring over data, evaluating what we're doing well, where we need to do a little bit better and then trying to find ways to get students to where they need to be," said AISD Communications Program Director Holly Shelton.

      The state uses four categories to measure a school's success. This is through the STAAR test scores, student progress, closing performance gaps and post-secondary readiness.

      One obstacle AISD finds is the varying deomgraphics throughout the district.

      "Our focus is really on our students and what we as a district really need to do to make sure they're getting the best education possible," said Shelton.

      Moving forward AISD said their goal is to surpass state standards again this year despite language obstacles from the influx of refugee students.

      "Whether they are a refugee student and can't speak any english and it's their first day or maybe it's an honor student and they are soaring, we want to make sure each year they are progressing," said Shelton.