Affordable housing in Clovis almost within reach

Not enough affordable housing -- an issue Clovis city officials feel has been plaguing their community too long.

Right now, an Anti-Donation law in New Mexico prevents the city from helping developers create affordable housing.

"In the state of New Mexico, we have an Anti-Donation clause which means that a governmental entity cannot donate or give land or building to a private developer", said Mayor of Clovis, Gayla Brumfield.

That's why a new Affordable Housing Plan will be on the ballot in August.

Tuesday, city officials and seven other local entities signed a resolution supporting it.

"The United Way Board decided to vote to support the affordable housing plan because of the impact that having affordable housing in our community has on our community, on our children, on our elderly. It's a basic component to a quality of like that many people in our community struggle to attain", said Executive Director of the United Way of Eastern New Mexico, Erinn Burch.

Clovis would use it as a way around the Anti-Donation clause and as a tool to give land, buildings, and aid to developers.

In fact, one major project is already in the works.

"Our first project actually which would be under our Affordable Housing Plan is our renovation of the historic Hotel Clovis", adds Brumfield.

That's something city officials say would help alleviate the dire need for more affordable housing for low income families, especially because of the recent expansion at Cannon Air Force Base.

"It's a win-win. It takes an eyesore in the community and turns it into a beautiful project and it also gives us the affordable housing that we need", continues Brumfield.

U ntil the vote in August, city officials will host several town hall meetings to help inform and encourage the public to support the Affordable Housing Plan.