Affidavit reveals details on Helium Road homicide

Randall County Sheriff Deputiess combed the crime scene for evidence during the investigation of last week's Helium Road homicide.

The warrant for Katie Yvonne Spielbauer's arrest in the murder of Robin Spielbauer, the woman found on 34th and Helium last week, revealed details on how she was linked to the murder.

The early stages of the investigation revealed that Katie had threatened to kill Robin on many occassions prior to her death because she believed that Robin and Jeremy, the deceased's ex-husband and Katie's current husband, were having an affair. The two women had a physical confrontation in November of 2013.

A search warrant was obtained for Robin's phone where text messages were discovered. The text messages revealed that there was to be a meeting between Robin and Jeremy on the night of April 7. Jeremy said Katie never came home that evening, but he did not meet with Robin.

During autopsy, it was discovered that, in addition to the blunt force trauma, Robin also had a bullet wound to the top back portion of her head which was concealed by hair. The bullet was believed to be a .22 caliber bullet. The pathologist preliminarily determined that both of the injuries, the blunt force trauma and the gun shot wound, would have been fatal.

Katie's Facebook photos showed the defendant shooting various weapons, including what appears to be a pink handgun. When a search warrant was executed for Katie's residence, a .22 caliber pink handgun was located in her bedroom. The handgun was damaged, including a broken and missing metal piece from the slide of the gun and chips from the pink plastic-like frame of the gun.

Deputies searching the crime scene found a .22 caliber shell casing less than 10 feet from where Robin's body was found.

"The distance and location of the shell casing in relation to (Robin's) body is consistent with the ejection pattern of the .22 caliber pink handgun found in (Katie's) residence," according to the warrant.

Additionally, the shell casing found at the crime scene was the same manufacturer of the rounds found in the magazine of the handgun at the residence.

On April 11, after additional investigation of the crime scene, officers found a piece of metal similar in size and shape to the broken portion of the metal slide on the .22 caliber pink handgun.

Katie's ex-boyfriend, Kiel Edward Schieffer, signed a sworn affidavit that he was with Katie when she purchased the handgun two or three years ago.

See the full warrant here.