AFD: Early morning fire destroys storage building

Amarillo Fire Department sent 10 units to contain a structure fire in Downtown Amarillo.

At 4:52 a.m. the Amarillo Fire Department was called out to a storage warehouse fire at 96 S. Polk.

The building on fire was attached to the 98 S. Polk building, but separated by a brick wall. Heavy smoke and fire consumed the first building, but crews contained the fire within an hour.

The Department of Public Safety assisted firefighters through air control due to the size of the building.

Assistant Fire Chief Marc Lusk said, "We often do work together and in this case they help give us overhead shots that we can't get even from our aerial ladders."

City Church decided to cancel its morning services. The church posted to Facebook warning residents to stay clear of the area due to strong smoke.

Lusk said, after firefighters contained the fire, they discovered the building contained a basement. Floors and walls collapsed making it difficult for firefighters to reach lingering fires still inside the building.

"We expect to be here for several days with the investigation and finding out exactly what has happened," Lusk said.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.