AFD advises caution in burn ban counties

With the panhandle's continued lack of rain, the land is parched. In some counties, burn bans remain in affect.

Amarillo Fire Department officials said it's important to take precautions this holiday weekend.

Both Randall and Potter counties still have burn bans. As many of you head outdoors to celebrate this weekend, or anytime, Randall County Fire Chief James Amerson warns us all to be safe when it comes activities involving fire.

Some of the tips he gave us include monitoring your grills at all times and eliminating clutter around cooking areas.

"As far as outdoor activities, any open campfire or pit is illegal under the burn ban. So it'll only be cooking in closed containers grills," said Amerson. Other activities I would say, just to be careful."

If you live outside Potter and Randall counties, a map showing all the counties in Texas that have established burn bans can be found at