Adrian High School students win awards for One Act Play

In a small rural school district, you'll find many of the students do a little bit of everything. From being an athlete, getting good grades, and even doing some acting.

That's certainly what you'll find at Adrian Independent School District where those students performed their One Act Play earlier this month to qualify for the UIL Competition.

While they didn't take home the big prize, several of them are pretty happy about winning some awards.

It's this week's Region 16 Spotlight Education report.

For years, the students at Adrian have been participating in the One Act Play Competition.

And for years, many of them have been dreaming of winning it big.

Earlier this month, while they didn't win their zone to advance, three students did win awards.

One took "Best Actor" and two received honorable mention.

"It's a real honor. I've done One Act Play for three years and I've never achieved "Best Actor" and to get it on my senior year is a good way to end it," said Tanner Norrell, Adrian High School Senior.

"It was really awesome. I've done it for four years and I got an award two years and when you don't get awards it's kind of , eh, because of all the work, all of that hard work and all that time you don't get anything. So it's cool," said Chelesa Mullins, Honorable Mention recipient.

"It was a surprise to me since I'm usually really shy, like, big time," said Amber Garcia, Honorable Mention recipient.

The judge in the competition had more praise for Garcia, who played an older woman. She was told she embodied the character completely.

"She said I looked like one, I sounded like one and I seemed like one too," said Garcia.

The most priceless tidbit of all about this story is, the school doesn't actually have a theater class. The students volunteer after school.

"I enjoy doing it. I like the people that do if with me so, I think it's a fun thing to do on the side," said Mullins.

Most of these acting students say they plan to continue with theater when they graduate and head off to college.