Activities keep kids learning during Spring Break

No books, no classes, no teachers doesn't mean kids have to put their brains on neutral this week.

Several places in Amarillo are offering activities that will keep kids and their minds active.

On Wednesday, the Don Harrington Discovery Center is hosting Pi Day, a celebration of the number Pi- that is, 3.14- as well as the birthday of Albert Einstein. Parents and kids are invited to enjoy some pie and partake in Pi-related activities.

"The learning we do here's a little bit different from school learning," Discovery Center Programs and Events Assistant Chris Johnson said. "We learn just by having fun and we pick things up as we go. So, there's no lectures, there's no lessons. We just come and play with things and learn through that."

The Amarillo Zoo is also hosting some events for those wanting more growls and slithers in their Spring Break.

"In addition to coming out and seeing all the animals and their exhibits and enjoying the zoo, we're going to be doing special treats like animal enchantments with the lions and tigers and bears," Amarillo Zoo Visitors Coordinator Mike Boley said. "We're going to be doing a giant python encounter, so if people want to see our large python and maybe even get a chance to touch it. We're going to have a tarantula encounter."

Warm spring weather has made its way to Amarillo and is anticipated to stay all week. So, why not take advantage and get out of the house?

Keep the Don Harrington Discovery Center and the Amarillo Zoo in mind. After all, you just might enjoy learning something this Spring Break.