Accountability ratings for Amarillo & Canyon ISD's

The Texas Education Agency released the 2010 accountability ratings Friday. Both Amarillo and Canyon School Districts are pleased with the results.

School Districts prepare themselves for the annual accountability rating handed down by the state each year.

Canyon ISD continues to receive recognized exemplary ratings and attributes that to teamwork.

"Intervention and collaboration are keys to our success - our teachers meet weekly to collaborate on lesson plans and those type of things and also to monitor students success. So, if a student is faltering they can intervene immediately and get that student the extra help that he or she may need," said Christy Bertolino, CISD Communications Coordinator.

As for Amarillo ISD schools none were labeled "academically unacceptable." In fact, some of their gains were above their expectations.

"For the last few years we've been implementing different changes in our math and science class rooms and this year the scores are up significantly - in fact, in the science we're up seven percent, which is a very high mark - very big gain for just one year," said Holly Shelton, AISD Communication Director.

Both districts say that they are happy for their ratings, but recognize that there are always areas where improvements can be made.

Accountability ratings are based on a number of criteria, including TAKS scores and completion rates.